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Common Questions Asked

Do you translate WordPress and Drupal themes?
Yes, we translate or localize Drupal and WordPress themes as well as their extensions, plugins and modules in French, English and French.
Why doesn't my website appear in the search results?
Did you request your website be indexed by search engines? Have you inserted a title, key words and other metatags to pages? Does your web content reflect the title of the page? Once the foundation is posed, seeing your web site appear in search engine results may require several months or more. Other factors, like the impact of evolving search engine analysis methods or the arrival online of new, possibly rival websites. Being positioned on the first page of search results is not simple and remaining "on top" requires long term efforts.
In which languages do your translate websites and web applications?
Our website, document and program translation services are offered in three languages: English (EN-US), Spanish (ES-ESP) and French (FR-FRA). Localization addresses the needs of multilingual website clients who attract a diverse public in English-speaking, French. Speaking and Spanish. Speaking countries. Web application and program localization covers the translation of UI program strings, program documentation and associated user contract.
How many words make up a web page?
In general, a single web page should contain between 100 and 200 words. Beyond the amount of words, it has been found that web surfers move on without scrolling to finish reading. Of course, some pages will need to be longer to cover a particular topic. In that case, it is recommended that new page be created to read the rest of the text. Within the framework of standard website plan, a single page contains a maximum of 200 words.
What do you need to localize my software application?
In order to localize a software or web application, we need the software strings files with their value in the default language. In addition, screenshots of the user interface corresponding to strings and descriptions allows us to see them within the context of the user window or ribbon (UI) of the software or web application in order to better adapt the translation to the space available.
Which content management systems do you propose for building a website?
You have the choice between two robust content management systems, WordPress and Drupal, to create your new website. WordPress is, in general, easier to manage by non-technical persons and fits the needs of the majority of web projects. Drupal is adapted to projects requiring very specific features and usually requires a trained technical team to manage updates.
What details do you need to give me a quote for a website project?
In order to give you a proper quote for a website project, we need a list of features you require, the budget you have set aside to complete it and the timeframe for launching the website. Describe what you wish to accomplish through having a website. This helps us tailor our estimate to your specific needs.
Why is a "Privacy Policy" page required on my website?
If your website has a form that collects personal information, US law requires you have a policy on data protection covering security of personal data, it’s use, distribution and consumers’ rights. Beyond this legal obligation, which varies by country, the presence of a “Privacy Policy “page helps reassure the internet consumer concerning your commitment to him and the security means in place to protect his personal data. This is the information that will help your web visitor knowledgingly, decide whether it is wise to confide his personal data to you online form whether it be for contact, registration, online purchases or other things. In conclusion, it is not enough to have a page about the personal data protection. Its’ content requires special attention at the time of creation as well as periodic examination to ensure its continued conformity with your organization’s present policies concerning the protection of personal information.