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content localization

  • Welcome

    We offer a complete array of website design and localization services adapted to the needs of professionals and organizations. In order to complete your next web site project, some general principals contribute to website performance and online presence.

    We offer flexible web designs,co in order to provide user friendly display adapted, not only to desktop and laptop computers, but especially to portable devices like tablets and smartphones more and more used today. For practical self-management of web content, our client website projects are built on well-known CMS platforms, WordPress and Drupal according to the needs of the project and the organization’s means to manage the website internally once live.

    Some web projects go beyond linguistic borders. Web content localization responds to the needs of multilingual websites to communicate to an international audience. Finally, to promote better user experience for everyone, our web projects take into account current web accessibility recommendations as part of content optimization.

  • Web Developer Profile

    Ms. Baillie Parisot is a freelance web developer and entrepreneur. With university degrees in modern and oriental languages, she completed studies at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilization (INALCO) at the University of Paris and at the UCLA in California. In addition, she is trilingual in French, English and Spanish.

    Sector Diverse Professional Experience

    web developer profileHer varied professional experience touches several sectors of activity and countries. She has worked in France, Spain and the United States in the translation field, in primary education as a teacher in a bilingual immersion school, in the textile industry, as an embroidery studio entrepreneur. She was an early adopter of e-commerce as a marketing tool, creating and managing an online home textiles shop. These diverse professional experiences allowed her to use and develop her creative talents and skills in web design and localization.

    Do you have a project that would benefit from Ms. Parisot’s expertise? Don’t hesitate to contact her now.

  • Multilingual Website Package

    Our multilingual website package with content localization can be customized as needed to include localized web pages in French, Spanish and English.

    • Multilingual website of up to 7 web pages localized in two languages
    • Header and footer logo and texts localized
    • HTML or PHP web page content translated
    • Creation of localized sub-domain for international website version
    • Multilingual localized key words and tags for each web page
    • Multilingual web page navigation menu links
    • Up to 2 images per web page
    • Multilingual optimization of titles, tags and URLs for international search engine indexing
    • Installation and setup of your multilingual website on your hosting servers
    • Six months free website content management and internet promotion education and assistance
    • Price: $2,450.00