Website Localization and Translation

Web content localization communicates your source message precisely, so as to attract international visitors. Our website content localization services address your needs to reach international audiences by creating a French, Spanish or English translation of your website or software strings. Let us advise you on best practices for web communication in a multilingual cultural environment.

For websites, we translate all web pages, links, tags and the contact form. Besides the main web content, alternative texts for images, website navigation menus are localized. A language menu will be displayed to switch languages and thus facilitate web page navigation in the user’s preferred language.

In the case of software and web application localization, besides the files containing strings and texts to be localized, we need the associated screen shots of dialog windows, ribbons, and scrolling menus. These images allow us to visualize the string's physical environment and the space it occupies to be able to adapt our translation accordingly.

We translate texts and documents in several editable formats. Translation content source text formats handled include docx, html, xml, po, resx, php, trn, txt, csv and more. If you don’t see the format you need here, please ask about it.