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Website Optimization

Building an on-line presence and successfully positioning your site on search engines is the result of a long term process that is only beginning at the launch of a new website.

Indeed, before a website is actually found in search results by web surfers, a whole series of points must be taken into account. SEO or search engine optimization, targeted key word positioning, indexing by website directories and search engines, the choice of pertinent reciprocal links and an active social network presence: these constitute an on-going effort over the life of a web project.

Our optimization work, carried out during the initial design of a new website, consists of building a solid foundation that serves as a starting point for later indexing work. Before launching a website, key words and subjects of your choice are integrated into page titles, descriptions and content tags. To assist visually impaired web users and to improve web accessibility, a textual description of images is provided for screen readers. In the case of multilingual optimization, keys words, menus and alternate text descriptions for images are localized.

Among important key words, two or three will serve as content tags, specific to each relevant page and as well as adding to the general website tag cloud.